Once Upon a Time...firsts

Once upon a time there was a sweet young girl. All the parents of her friends knew she was trouble. All her friends knew not to let her around their boyfriends. All her boyfriends knew not to trust her with their friends...

When I was 13 I went away for several weeks to stay at my friends farm. We were having a really great time until her brother came back from uni. Then I started having a REALLY good time.

We flirted, I flirted. Looking back I didn't really know I was, it was just how I had always been but now the responses I was getting were so much more. Being the kindly young man he was, he all of a sudden started offering to drive us everywhere, take us for day trips, picnics, whatever we wanted.

We drove to a secluded area. A beautiful gully with torrents of rushing water and massive boulders. There were a few waterholes for swimming. My girlfriend and her other sister made themselves scarce. He and I swam and played in the water, touching, stealing kisses. He lay sprawled on his back on the rock, me straddling his waist - kissing, touching. He pulled off my bathers top and sucked my nipples. It was the first time anyone had done that to me. I was in heaven.

He pulled my briefs aside and dove his tongue into my flesh. I squirmed, feeling self conscious and said no while thrusting myself towards his face. I came quickly. I still do.

It was the first time I had cum with a man.

My girlfriend didn't talk to me for two years after that but she does now. She reminds me about it occasionally. She reminds me in great detail because her and her sister were watching. I think I knew that. That is why I came so fast.

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