The "F" Words - Get Figged

Sometimes I am a bad sub.  I have said get fucked.   I occasionally call Him a cunt - I think it more regularly but I also feel that considering the level to which we play and the fucked up things He does, it is justified.  Seriously.

He had a BRILLIANT idea over the weekend.  He was mussing over whether or not I had any ginger and I looked wide-eyed and said I did not. Grateful I did not. I think He didn't think I knew what figging was but I do....oh yes, yes I do. I remember reading about it on another blog a long time ago and it has stuck with me.

Anyway, figging sounded awful so I did not dare mention to Him that I had read anything about it at the time.  I know He knows most of these things but why draw something up in His memory, it seems like a seriously crazy thing to do.   Anyway, He was sitting at my kitchen table, ruminating about figging with ginger and chillies (as you do on a pleasant Saturday morning).  When He slapped His hands down on the table and got His "I have just thought of something so twisted and wonderful you are going to struggle to even comprehend my brilliance" look.  His eyebrows raise up really high and He gets this massive grin, He leans forwards and says "Chillies on your needles" and grins again with His eyes getting wider waiting for me to tell him it is the best idea I have even heard.

Oh yes, yes....that sounds like a grand fucking plan if ever I heard one...

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