First Bite

He paused just for a second, I think he was trying to read my face. In one swift movement I was bent over his knee and he was spanking me. Hard. He wound his hand through my hair, pulled my head back and kissed my neck. He stood back from me. Somehow I was kneeling in front of him on the floor. He looked straight into my eyes. I could see in him the most extraordinary amount of danger. My heart beat fast in my chest. I wanted this to stop. I wanted to run. I needed to stay.

"You have been a very bad girl." His voice was controlled, low, clear and terrifying. "You said no to me on the phone the other night. From now on you do not say no to me. Is that clear?"
I nodded "Yes."
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, Sir."
"Good Girl. Come here. Put out your arms."

He tied me so my arms were above my head, out to the side. He tied me tight. He ran his hands up my stockings. I shuddered. He touched every inch of my body. He looked into my eyes as he cupped my breasts and grinned as he bit my nipple. I squealed.

"Whatever you do from now on, you ask my permission. Is that clear?"
"Yes Sir."
"Good Girl. See, you will learn fast."

He sucked and bit my nipples until I let out a soft moan. I could not move. There was no give in the restraints I had on my arms. He slid off my stockings. He unclipped my bra. He pulled down my underwear. For a second my mind drifted back to my wedding night, to my husband taking off the same underwear...

With a jolt I was back in the room. His tongue licking, sucking, biting. He devoured my cunt as I stood there shaking, unable to move. I could feel an orgasm build in my belly, the warmth of it spread. My legs started to shake and I was gasping for breath.

He looked up at me, "You will not cum. Is that clear? You will not cum. You do not cum now. Not until I say. Not until I tell you that you are ready."

He sucked my nipples, licked my cunt, fingered my clit. Any thoughts I had about anything other than this moment were gone. He paused for a second, looked into my eyes and slipped his fingers inside me. He was slow, rhythmic, deliberate. He did not touch me except for his fingers inside me. I stood shaking, my knees giving out. Every quiver that went through my legs drew his fingers up inside me. I pushed up onto my toes to try and elude the tightening of my cunt, drawing him in. I looked at him, searching his face with my eyes to see if there was even a small hint of uncertainty. There was not. He watched me as I twisted and pulled, trying to escape. Urging me on to orgasm, forbidding me from plunging over the edge and giving in to it.

The complex play between my pleasure in the absolute abandonment of my own control and my desperate desire to wrestle it back intrigued me even in that moment. I wanted so badly to free my arms, to liberate my body, to cum, to take what I wanted. I wanted also to play the game, to beg him but for him to not give in to me. I needed for this to be on his terms and I hated him for it.

I knew he was driving me to cum, seeing where I would go, if I would do what he was telling me physically to do or what he had demanded of me.

He said once more, softly this time, "You will not cum."

I looked at him, begging, asking, ashamed and ecstatic "Please, please I need this. I need this now. Just let me, take me, just this one right now. I can't stop. I just. Please just stop, let me wait. I just can't...." my voice trailed off and he shook his head. I was breathing in short sharp bursts. I could not keep going.

He locked his eyes with mine and bit into my clit. I let out a low hard groan. His other hand had found my nipple, he squeezed and pulled. He licked my cunt and fingered me hard, hitting right there where it makes my stomach turn and my chest get light. I drove hard against the controls of my mind, trying to fight the pleasures of my body. I could not. My knees gave way, my arms pulled tight, my head threw back and he was there inside me with his hand, my legs shaking, his mouth sucking, drawing out of me every bit of animal I had. As my knees grew weaker it pushed him harder inside me, throwing me into more of a frenzy. I rode the crest, ready to plunge into to the depths and indulge in glorious release. Right there. I was right there. It was in that moment that he withdrew his hands and mouth. He grinned at me, got up and stood a few steps back, admiring my tortured ecstasy .

I must have looked like someone had slapped me in the face. My whole body was on fire. I wanted to punch him - hard. He stood watching as I twisted. My legs were still too weak to weight bear properly. My arms strung out, my nipples hard, panting, trembling, my cunt slick and throbbing. I screamed at him in anger. There were no words. There didn't need to be and I didn't have any to give. I was so angry. I needed to cum. I needed it right now and he took it away from me.

He shook his head. "You will be a good girl for me. You will not cum unless I tell you to. Now for little girls who do not do what they are told there are punishments. I know you. I know everything about you. You want this. You want me to make you beg and you fucking love it." He smiled again. The lines between pleasure and pain, love and hate, they were all blurring. I wanted it and I hated wanting it. I loved it and I hated loving it. "You should not try to cum when you have been told not to. Now I will have to show you what happens to naughty girls."