Some Sub Text

For all those folks who do not know, I am now a regular contributor to Some Sub Text , a poetry blog (squeeee - so excited). While I know that the term regular implies some sort of regularity - the exact meaning of regular in this context is something to which I cannot attest.

I can say however, that I was so extremely excited to hear from sfp (who writes an amazing blog that I just adore) so I jumped at the chance to contribute.

My second poem is up here so any of you who are that way inclined, please have a read.

They are short and sweet with just a sprinkle of what makes subbies so very special!

Big Love, Big Kisses and yes I do kiss my mumma with that mouth! Thank God she doesn't ask where its been...


strivingforpeace said...

Golly! Thanks JaT!!!


PS -- word verification: grapons

turiya said...

I've been reading... I love your poems!