A quiet visit

I got there Friday afternoon. As is normal practice the door is key-locked behind me. I always gulp when the key turns in the lock. It is a very difficult thing to get used to - one that I am not sure I will get used to. The only way I can leave is when he unlocks the door. I was planning a short visit - discussing future deviant plans and small talk. I had brought some of my things but thought to leave them in the car. I felt it far better to have them at the ready if requested than to get in trouble for not bringing them. Instead of being directed straight up to his room I was invited (directed/invited - it is all so closely linked, no?) to sit and chat in one of the downstairs lounge rooms. I settled back into the giant L-shaped couch on one side and he sat on the other.

We chatted for a few minutes. I wanted so badly to be out-of-control. I wanted also to be patient and wait for the upcoming weekend. To build anticipation. I said as much.

He nodded in agreement and then said quietly, "But first you must cum now."

I said "no." Small but firm. Our gaze was locked. He raised his eyebrows. I needed him to take them from me. I needed for him to know I had no choice, that my body responds to him of its own accord.

"I said cum - NOW."

I shook my head and said "no" again. I could feel the warmth in my belly, the tingle in my cunt and I knew I could not win this battle but boy was I enjoying it. I came in a small little wave. It washed through quickly, not betraying itself.

"What did you say to me?" He did not move from his seat. "I said cum!"

I shook my head, keeping my eyes locked on his and said "No - I - will - not". Trying my very hardest to appear controlled I could feel all of my muscles clenching. My cunt tighten, my stomach knot. I was trying to keep my breathing calm and even.

His look grew slightly more fierce for just a moment. I could see he was about to speak again, to walk over, when I came for the third time. This time with more weight behind it. I am not quiet at the best of times and my tell-tale gasp coupled with the biting of my lip and eyes losing focus - even in the dim light of the television he could see his victory.

"Again slut, now."

Sitting in the room with him, faster and faster they came. Staring into his eyes I gulp them down like air, like he is breathing for me and I suck at the oxygen he gives me. He was pulling them out of me one by one. I was on the floor, kneeling at his feet. As I came he wound his hand through my hair and pulled my head back demanding my silence. It only intensified my cumming. I was on all fours, panting. He stepped around behind me and lifted my dress. I could hear his smile. Despite my petitioning for a quiet chat, my pantie-less state was a blatant disclosure of my true desire.

"Good girl..." He breathes as he dips his fingers between my thighs.


Anonymous said...

a great way to start the tryst.

Kate said...

I can't imagine being able to come on command like that... is it the same kind of orgasm you'd have after a large build-up, or is it of a different quality?

Just a Taste said...

different - sudden like a bolt of lightening and quite quick but they build into some really massive ones getting more intense. *sigh* reaches for the phone....

Anonymous said...

Is all called Mastery of Control.Smiles.