Once Upon a Time - That Ex Boyfriend

Once upon a time there was a sweet young girl. All the parents of her friends knew she was trouble. All her friends knew not to let her around their boyfriends. All her boyfriends knew not to trust her with their friends...

Everyone has one. I am usually "that" ex girlfriend. So, this man keeps popping up, asking himself into my life, begging me to sleep with him, not to tell his wife. The poor boy is playing with fire.

He is sweet and a bit rough and I fucking own him. Where is the fun in that? Well, I do have some pretty good ideas. Lovely boy. He owns a landscaping business so he is cut and hot but I know him. I know that there is not even the slightest chance of a challenge.

He tells me he remembers me sucking his fingers. He wants me. Has always wanted me.

I remember after we broke up, he had a new girlfriend who he wanted to marry. I think I was with a live-in partner. I met him out one day and told him to come and pick me up the next day. I took him on a picnic to the national park and fucked him so that everyone at the lookout could see us, see me riding him.

He remembers it too. Boys are so easy.

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